I don't know about you, but my commute into the office was a very important factor for me when I bought my last house. While the ever-increasing use of technology has made it easier to work from home, most people living in Britain still take part in the ‘daily grind', with a staggering three-million commuters now spending more than two hours to get to work.

But what does the commuting landscape look like in E14? The first thing we know is that most people have a commute of less than 10km (71.9 per cent of the total work force). This is the case for most of the UK and probably won’t come as a massive surprise. The second most common commute is 10km to 29km which accounts for 9.2 per cent of the total workforce in our area. 

Those thinking of buying a property in E14 will want to consider its proximity to local transport. However, with house prices sitting 15 per cent lower for every five miles you move away from a station, the temptation to find a home further afield is certainly strong. The prospect of getting more bang for your buck will make sense for less frequent commuters.

Longer journeys won't be disappearing anytime soon, but we do expect the number of commutes in England and Wales to reduce slightly over the next five years with more virtual offices and technologies like Google Hangouts and Skype. Why don't you pop into my office so I can advise you on all things property, whether buying, selling or renting?

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Spencer Fortag