Selling a home can be a long and complex process, and is one of the most stressful events of our lives. Our guide to selling offers some tips to try and make your sale as smooth as possible. . We are an independent company and our staff are both experienced and professional and are therefore dedicated to maintaining the high standards of service demanded by our clients. Let's look at 10 handy hints when looking to sell your home.

Update It

Is your home a little old fashioned? It’s worth completing updates prior to marketing in order to ensure you get the best possible price and so that potential buyers don’t see things in need of updating that will undermine the value of your property. Consider buying new handles for doors, for instance, which are easy to change and an inexpensive way to give your home a lift. Maybe a fresh lick of paint is required, remembering neutral colours are always the best option. Strong colours can put buyers off straight away; some can’t see past old décor or bright colours and can easily be put off completely at the thought of having to redecorate.

Fix It

Ensuring all obvious repairs are done will greatly improve your chance of securing an asking price offer on your property. Here are just some of the basics; replace light bulbs, fix leaking guttering, re-fix kitchen doors hanging off, secure loose tiles. One of the most obvious items, which is very easily missed, is flooring. If it is worn or badly stained, replace it. Make sure it looks reasonable and most importantly, it’s of a neutral colour. Rugs can offer a quick fix.

Clean It

Obvious but so often overlooked. Remember to clean the house from top to bottom, ensuring you don’t miss those cluttered cupboards. Storage really important for most buyers, so expect them to open cupboards and drawers. It goes without saying that the bathroom and kitchen need to be sparkling. Don’t forget to hide away all the day to day toiletries that no one enjoys looking at (we're talking sanitary towels, deodorants, medicines). Hide away cleaning products, too. Clear surfaces of anything other than good-looking toiletries.

Eliminate Clutter

You need to be able to step away from what’s been your home, and see it how potential buyers will. Everyone has different taste, but de-cluttering a property can make the home feel larger, lighter and more welcoming. You only have one chance to impress potential applicants. Be brutal, spend time sorting through those boxes that have been piled up in the spare room for ages and throw away what’s not needed. Distinguish what’s a collectible and what’s clutter. Don’t forget to pack away things like toys and shoes, it’s all important to make it free from cutter to ensure it feels spacious.


De-personalize your house. Take down all those personal touches including family pictures and pack away items that you do not need on show. You want the viewer to be able to imagine themselves living there, not be distracted by your belongings. First impressions count, and you need them to be instantly attracted.

File It

Put together all the documents to do with your property, including any guarantees for repairs, certificates for gas and electrical work or services, council tax bills and any other documentation you have. Your solicitor will ask for these. You will also need to provide proof of identity and of address to your solicitor, so dig out your passport and recent utility bills with names of all owners and dated within the last three months. Having these items ready, will enable you to act fast when the offers come in.


Almost everybody loves pets except the people walking through your door. So, while this might be hard, try to ensure any pets are not around at the time of viewings. You want the house to be the talking point, not the unwanted attention of pets. Try to ensure there are no signs of pets, and no unpleasant or strong smells. Remember, it’s those first impressions that are so important.

Accompanied Viewings

We understand that not everyone wants to walk strangers around their home. We accompany all viewings, whether you want to be there or out of the way. Whilst this gives us an opportunity to do our part of the job, we always welcome positive comments, including information about schooling or the neighbours. You know the property better than anyone else. We take security very seriously, and ensure appointments are confirmed prior to attending. Never tell a prospective buyer the price you are willing to accept and never be tempted to accept an offer in your own home, even if it is at your asking price. Politely explain your preference for negotiations to be conducted through your estate agent. Our experienced negotiators are there to assess the potential buyer's financial ability and achieve the best price for you.


While it may seem a positive step, swapping contact details with a prospective client can cause numerous problems down the line. We are here to get you the best possible price, and in order to do so, it is always best to for all communications to come via us. It is what we are here for.


Whilst we hope you find our service professional and friendly, we are always trying to improve the service and would be most grateful to hear of any criticism or comments you may have along the way. We hope that you have found this guide helpful but please remember we are here to help, so feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.

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